Electronica starts tomorrow

Electronica starts tomorrow and J2 Sourcing is ready to show our excellence to the world of electronics. Aside from talking about Excess Management and Broker Services (which we love to do), you will also have the chance to win exciting sculpures made out of our own excess. Kaleva Art Cartel are the artists behind these spectaclur sculptures. Tomorrows' big price is "King of Excess". All you have to do is to leave your business card, and you are in the lottery. Welcome to Hall A3 booth 338!


J2 Sourcing saw its’ daylight in 2004. We were lucky to get some big Swedish companies on the client list already during our early days. But success did not come easily or instantly. We have worked very hard in supporting the Swedish Industry, and since a few years back we have a model that is applicable globally as well. Today we have clients and suppliers all over the world.

We are driven by one thing and one thing only. We need to add value to our clients. And there´s a reason. This is the only way that we can succeed ourselves.

Question is.

What can we do for you?


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