News put on hold

Maybe you have noticed that our news site have not been that frequently updated lately. Congratulations, you have sharp eyes!

The reason is twofold. First, we simply haven´t had the time. Things are moving fast at J2 and we need to keep all our efforts to handle our customers.

They are growing both in numbers and in scope.

Second, we´ve noticed that a lot of the visitors on this page are our esteemed competitors.

And as much as we like competition, we´re simply not in the giving-away-valuble-business-business…

However, if you´re really curious, just give me a call and I´ll tell you more about what´s going on at J2.

And for the record, we will of course maintain a informative and valuable news service in due time.


Jesper Andersson, CEO



J2 Sourcing saw its’ daylight in 2004. We were lucky to get some big Swedish companies on the client list already during our early days. But success did not come easily or instantly. We have worked very hard in supporting the Swedish Industry, and since a few years back we have a model that is applicable globally as well. Today we have clients and suppliers all over the world.

We are driven by one thing and one thing only. We need to add value to our clients. And there´s a reason. This is the only way that we can succeed ourselves.

Question is.

What can we do for you?


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