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This Privacy Policy is created to ensure your individual right to data protection and privacy. It describes how J2Sourcing handle, process and secure any personal data that directly or indirectly can be related to you as an individual. If you have any questions regarding this policy please don’t hestitate to contact us at


Data Controller

The data controller of is J2Sourcing AB, Modemgatan 4, 235 39 Vellinge, Sweden


Legal Grounds

J2Sourcing only processes your personal data where we have legal grounds to do so. This is typically the case where J2Sourcing has a legitimate interest to process the personal data in order to fulfill ongoing agreements and/or orders or due to legitimate interest where there is a relevant and appropriate relationship between the data subject and the controller.

Examples of the latter may be situations where the data subject is a client or in the service of the controller. The legal grounds to collect, store and/or process personal data regarding the data subject due to a legitimate interest are dependent on an assessment of such legitimate interest with regard to the legitimate interest of the data subject. The collection, storing and processing of personal data due to such legal grounds is only permitted where the legitimate interest of J2Sourcing is deemed to outweigh the interests of the data subject of not having its personal data collected, stored and/or processed.

J2Sourcing may also have legal grounds to collect, store and/or process personal data where it is needed in order to fulfill mandatory legal obligations.

Finally J2Sourcing may have legal grounds to collect/store and process personal data due to explicit consent by the data subject on a case by case basis.


Data Collection and Duration

J2Sourcing always strive to collect the minimum amout of personal data as possible. The data in question should be relevant to the nature of the task. In the majority of cases this means name, company details, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We never store personal data longer than we have legal grounds to do so, whereafter it is safely deleted. As an individual you have the right to access personal data regarding yourself that has been collected or is otherwise stored and/or processed by J2Sourcing, as well as information regarding the the purpose of the data collected and the legal grounds pertaining to such collection, storing and/or processing. Under certain circumstances you may have the right to demand that your personal data be deleted or changed or that the processing thereof be limited.


Data Protection

J2Sourcing has taken neccessary and adequate measurements to ensure that your personal data is safe from unauthorized access and exposure. Access to personal data is only permitted to appropriate members of the staff with legal grounds in adherences to this policy. Any use of third party software for processing personal data must comply with GDPR.

When browsing your personal data is not collected. For a limited amout of time non personal data may be collected such as landing pages visited and geographical information. J2Sourcing does not use newsletters or marketing campaigns and hence we do not ask you to sign up with any personal details. If you submit a contact form with personal data or engage with our online chat, this data will be handled, processed and secured in adherence to this policy.


Job Applications

Personal Letters and CVs sent as applications for open positions at J2Sourcing are only kept during the recruiting process. When the position in question is hired any personal data is safely deleted.



J2Sourcing reserves the right to update and change this policy as long as it does not violate or infringe on your individual right to data protection and privacy.



For any questions concerning GDPR or any other privacy matters please contact us at


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